The Manufacture

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A small team of long-time friends who are connected around the world works under the umbrella of  THE  TINY  FACTORY.  A mixture of creative enthusiasm, sense of high quality, sharp eye for details and aesthetic affinity flow into every single handling.

The working process takes a lot of dedication: The founders mother chops the toughest nuts by hand, and while in the bakery of John Baker herself heats the oven, her 'TINY TEAM' lend a hand in the countless further production steps.

Key concerns of THE TINY FACTORY are the manufacturing process under sustainable conditions as well as organic food and environmentally friendly materials. We produce, print & stamp in Zurich. 

With the claim that we have created something exceptional, which brightens up the heart, eyes and senses of taste, the first premium brand is now available: The 'TINY FACTORY BIO GRANOLA'.



The Story  

I am Sibylle, the founder and driving force behind the small factory. I live in Zurich and a large part of my heart is wedded to San Francisco. From my time as a barista there, I brought something important back to Switzerland: The basic knowledge of roasting fabulous blends of nuts.

Since 2008, I have offered the people around me culinary delights by baking Granola for them. After repeated suggestions to enter the market with my melange and continuous working on the right recipe, which is based on my personal requirements, the time has come to spread and share my joy about the healthy small nuts with others.

My tiny factory and myself are now ready to offer the product to each 'TINY FACTORY BIO GRANOLA' aficionado. 


The Tiny Factory GmbH  /  8032 Zürich  /  078 829 99 44  /  Say Hello!

photos: Andreas Graber